One of our favorite things to do is attend M School at one of the BMW Performance Centers. But what if you want to take your driving to the next level and get behind the wheel of a BMW race car? Well Monticello Motor Club, a premier 4.1-mile race track just 90 minutes from New York City and which has recently partnered with BMW of North America, has just the thing for you – a fleet of new BMW M2 race cars and racing school.

Monticello Motor Club’s new BMW M2 Racing School will debut on August 29 with a maximum of six students for ultra-exclusive, private and semi-private instruction. They will provide you with a foundation in racing techniques, either for improving your high-performance driving skills or as a gateway toward competitive racing.

The BMW M2 Racing School includes:

  • Approximately three hours of driving time each day
  • Use of race-prepared BMW M2s
  • Individually tailored one-on-one & small group instruction
  • All classroom materials
  • Breakfast & lunch each day

The BMW M2 race car fleet was custom built by Monticello Motor Club. These aren’t the BMW Motorsport M235i Racings, these are the current enthusiast favorite 365 horsepower, 343 lb-ft of torque, baby M equipped with the dual-clutch transmission and active M differential.

They are offering three different options:

  • 1-Day BMW M2 Intro to Racing School: $3,500
  • 2-Day Advanced BMW M2 Racing School: $5,700
  • 3-Day All-Inclusive BMW M2 Racing School: $8,900

Upcoming school dates:

  • August 29 – 31
  • September 18 – 20
  • October 30 – November 1

Graduates of their 2-Day Advanced or 3-Day All-Inclusive schools can test out their new skills by driving in one of Monticello Motor Club’s member races, and will be eligible to apply for a sanctioned racing license.

This is your chance to fulfill that dream of pulling on that racing helmet, sliding into the driver’s seat and strapping into a BMW race car. For more information, contact Monticello Motor Club at 1-855-MMC-CLUB or email