Yesterday, we asked you kind folks which upcoming BMW you’re most excited for. I’m embarrassed to say that I forgot to list the upcoming BMW Z4 in that question. Which is surprising because the new Z4 is a car that I’m very much looking forward to. The current BMW Z4, while about as old as the fossils in the fuel that it burns, is still one of the prettier BMWs on the road. In fact, I recently saw a picture of the Z4 and the original BMW 507 next to each other. The resemblance is uncanny. Though, the current car’s driving dynamics leave quite a lot to be desired, so a replacement is due.

Thankfully, BMW is near the end of producing yet another roadster and it’s recently been caught doing some testing. (While we don’t own the spy photos, they can be seen here) In these photos, it seems as if we’re looking at either the upcoming BMW Z4 M40i or the Z4 xDrive30i with an M Sport package. Though, we think it’s the former, rather than the latter. Its large wheels, aggressive front air intakes and rectangular exhausts make it seem like the more powerful, six-cylinder model.

There are also some interesting design cues we can pick up on from this test mule. The BMW-signature Kidney Grilles are narrow but wide, if that makes sense, and are similar to, again, the BMW 507’s. This looks very good and very sleek, making the front end seem aggressive and sporty, yet pretty. At the back, there’s a small built-in decklid spoiler, that looks quite good and gives its bottom a bit of a flare. Down the side, you can see a rather large Air Breather, which seems to be incorporated into the body lines. It’s a design cue that seems reminiscent of the BMW 8 Series Concept we’ve seen, which makes us wonder if there’s a new design language being born.

We’re very excited for the upcoming BMW Z4. Not only does it look great already, and we haven’t even seen the final car, but it should drive great as well. It’s being built alongside the upcoming Toyota Supra, has BMW’s new chassis, engine and performance technology and finally goes back to a soft-top.

[Source: Motor Authority]