The BMW portfolio is going to change in the future even more with the addition of a successor of the BMW Z4 Roadster. BMW joined forces with Toyota and the two companies worked on a platform that would be used as basis for two legendary cars, the Z4 and the new Supra.

Until we get to see them launched and their exact specs, the engineers are still testing their chassis on the Ring and the latest footage coming from the Green Hell shows a Z4 prototype being pushed to the limit, wearing some very interesting canards. Why they are installed on the front bumper is still a mystery as of now, as they will most likely won’t be used on the production model. Then again, the old Z4 was used as a GT3 or GTE model for years and we may see the new one being turned into a competition car as well.

The chances of that happening are slim though as BMW already confirmed that the upcoming M8 will be used in races around the world. Nevertheless, the sound of the engine is as enticing as ever, making us wonder whether the dreamed of BMW Z4 M car could actually become reality once the new model is launched.

Using a soft-top instead of the traditional metal retracting roof the Z4 got us used to, the handling of this roadster should put BMW back on the map in this shrinking niche.

Under the hood we’ll find both 2-liter and 3-liter petrol engines, with power output ranging from around 200 HP for entry level models to around 350 HP for the Z4 M40i M Performance model.

Hopefully, if rumors are confirmed, we will get to see it in production guise later this year, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, after the concept is introduced at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August.