Video: Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Engine Malfunctions During Test Against M3

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Ever since the Alfa Romeo Giulia was announced, the Italians have claimed it was coming after the benchmark in the segment, the BMW M3. During …

Ever since the Alfa Romeo Giulia was announced, the Italians have claimed it was coming after the benchmark in the segment, the BMW M3. During its development, engineers had plenty of time to test their new creation against the M3 and in the end, the Italian proved to be quite close, if not better than the BMW, in some tests. Well done, we all thought, seeing the Alfa brand going back to its RWD roots which haven’t been catered for in over 20 years. And yet, has all that downtime helped the brand shed some of the stereotypes created around it?

During a recent comparison pitting the BMW M3 Competition Package against its arch rival, the Mercedes-AMG C63 in S guise and the newcomer, Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde, the latter experience some engine issues that stuck the reviewer in Normal mode around the Anglesey Circuit in North Wales. That was definitely a bummer as the Italian thoroughbred couldn’t live up to the expectations.

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The engine is derived from the turbo V8 animating the California T. Nevertheless, this could just a small mishap and the guys from Petrol Heads were correct not to make a big deal out of it. These things happen during test drives…

As for the conclusion of the review, the three cars felt as different as possible, without reaching a unanimous conclusion as to which one would rise above all others. The AMG impressed everyone with its V8 thunder and torque, the M3 with its nimble feeling and precise handling while the Alfa made itself noticed due to the Check Engine light in the instrument cluster. Maybe on a different day things would’ve been different.

26 responses to “Video: Alfa Romeo Giulia QV Engine Malfunctions During Test Against M3”

  1. Thaal Rasha says:

    Is it like the 3rd or 4th review / comparison of the Alfa where it goes in limp mode ?

    • bmw driver says:

      Shhh… we’ll now be inundated by a tidal wave of rabid alfisti quoting bullshit Nurburgring lap times and telling stories about how they were conceived next to a road where an Alfa may have driven once and fell in love with the ‘passion’ of a brand that hasn’t produced a RWD sports car for 35 years.

      • Longer Left Foot says:

        Umm, the 8C and 4C are FWD????

      • GrabSon Wski says:

        35 years? Well yes, but you might not know that Alfa showed the world how to make performance car, having most wins of any automaker in racing history and being the 1st F1 champion….this is where the passion comes from my friend, all happen before Bmw even existed.

        • Terry Cowan says:

          BMW have existed over a century, the first 328 beat Alfa to win the 1940 Mille Miglia. Nowadays FCA Alfa has about as much to do with its past as Volkswagen’s Bugatti does Ettore: both dead. Didn’t Enzo have to leave Alfa to build Ferraris?

          • GrabSon Wski says:

            Enzo left Alfa to create Ferrari and therefore thanks to Alfa we have Ferrari and thanks to Ferrari we have Lamborghini, ford Gt,Pagani and more…you see where I’m going with this? Alfa is the creator of supercars.Bmw 328 won a race in 1940? Thats already after Alfa won hundreds of them and comparing VW owning Bugatti to Fca Alfa/Ferrari is just dumb, Vw is a rich kid who buys anything, basically trying to buy respect,when the other side is bunch of old time friends staying together.Btw its only 25 years since last RWD production Alfa.

          • Terry Cowan says:

            So Alfa are responsible for Ferrari and Lamborghini because they refused to build V12s? BMW BEAT Alfa in 1940 & have done so ever since.

          • GrabSon Wski says:

            Enzo got his skills at Alfa, so what are about? Without Alfa there wouldn’t be Ferrari.Why all Bmw and Audi fanboys can’t appreciate anything else?Everybody seems to be exited about big comeback apart from 2 fan groups from Germany, its ridiculous. In history theres is no comparison Alfa is just MUCH greater and now Alfa is back and just beat Mpower…hows that then?

          • Terry Cowan says:

            “the other side is bunch of old time friends staying together”?! No, it’s a corporate mishmash whose CEO has unsuccessfully been seeking a bailout for years ( a la Mitsubishi/Nissan/Renault/Daimler). There is no big comeback, it is opportunistic marketing. BMW came back from the brink independently, based on product, that I can respect. Apparently so do Alfa as they rip off their business model – how long have they been known for SUV’s? Strange, I remember the 1750, GTV, Alfetta, 164, Montreal…

          • GrabSon Wski says:

            Not long my friend, but Stelvio will be, as Giulia the fastest in its class and thats impressive. I see you know some great cars, nice

          • Terry Cowan says:

            Fastest? With the dash lit up with “Service Electronic Trottle Control”?!

    • GrabSon Wski says:

      its the only one review where it goes wrong actually and it was pre production model, but scared Bmw fanboys can have a minute of triumph, because soon after that Alfa Giulia Q will beat any Bmw again,all of them professional drivers confirming that every test.

      • Terry Cowan says:

        This is at least three, following Car and Driver & Motor Trend.

      • Shaulan says:

        To be fair, as a massive Alfa fan, I’d take the Mercedes of the three. That interior is almost pornography, and then there’s the engine. The Alfa isn’t anywhere near as seductive as the 159 it replaces, either. I’m not disappointed by the Giulia, just impressed by the Mercedes. I wish BMW would do the good thing and just recreate the driving machine that was the E46 M3, which is possibly the best modern sports saloon, ever.

        • Terry Cowan says:

          Over a decade old is modern?

          • Shaulan says:

            A modernised E46 would be like Porsche doing the 911 R, a proper drivers car, modernised.
            As for building your own engine, what does that have to do with anything? And, if you have one of the best engine manufactures in the world within your own holding company, why wouldn’t you use them, especially when re-entering a segment you’ve spent decades away from.
            AMG? it’s what M is to BMW; the same company, and BMW M use their own engine codes on most of their vehicles (M2 aside?), I believe.. which would entail BMW M building the engine.
            In any world, even if BMW’s engine is built in house and Mercedes engine isn’t, the Mercedes V8 is still a nicer acoustic, more intelligent (in terms of performance) and, well.. better.

          • Terry Cowan says:

            So a layout dating back to Tatra, long abandoned by other manufacturers, is modern? Apparently a turbo I6 is so intelligent Mercedes can’t even build one. Nor their formerly independent tuner, who they had to buy to compete with M. Yet their V8, a configuration other manufacturers have built for decades, is somehow, well.. better?

          • Shaulan says:

            Yes, I’m saying their ‘hot v’ turbocharged engine configuration, which was pioneered by Mercedes but a few years ago, is somehow, well.. better. It’s a configuration they use from F1 all the way down to the AMG V8 road cars with astonishing success – even Ferrari are playing catch up.
            I’d just like to point out that I’m actually a pretty neutral car fan and I’d generally side slightly with the British manufactures, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, however this generation of Mercedes and Mercedes-AMG cars are very impressive, and their turbocharging technology are annoyingly good (given I’d prefer Ferrari winning in F1!).

          • Terry Cowan says:

            You think Mercedes F1 engines are used in production AMG vehicles? How are Ferrari playing catch up when Vettel is #1?

          • Shaulan says:

            I most certainly do think Mercedes ‘hot v’ technology is utilised in both their Formula 1 team, and their AMG V8 range, yes. Different engines, same turbocharging technology.
            How aren’t Ferrari playing catch up, when Mercedes are head and shoulders above Ferrari in the constructers championships? They’ve also won the last three years, with their drivers placing first and second in each year, and over which time they lost a total of eight grand prix to another engine manufacturer. This year have twice as many victories as Ferrari.
            I sincerely hope Vettel wins the drivers, however due to Mercedes incredible in-season development, remain doubtful.

  2. lekkousa says:

    As I have said when all the fawning over the Alfa’s performance began, it’s not how it can perform, but for how long will it perform. One test does not indicate the long term reliability of a vehicle.

  3. Michael says:

    Prick in the Merc covered the Alpha in rubber smoke constantly. Bet he’s making up for something limp of his own.

    • Senne says:

      So? That happens all the time in reviews BMW M vs Mercedes AMG where they drive in front of each other and drift all the time. They never break down. It shouldn’t be a problem.

  4. Massimo Trento says:

    How brilliant can stupidity be…
    Can’t believe BMW fanboys masturbate with such a non-sense article.

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