Following the F82 BMW M3’s original launch, the car was met with a bit of criticism. It wasn’t sharp enough, felt a bit too numb and its tail was constantly trying to rotate itself into trees. It just wasn’t the car fans wanted it to be. However, BMW remedied a lot of this with the Competition Package. Despite Comp Packs not doing much in the past, this new one changes the car so much we said it should have come like that from the get-go. So what does Carwow think about the new BMW M3 Competition Package? We find out in this new video.

First, what exactly does the Comp Pack do? For starters, it brings gorgeous 20″ wheels, an entirely new suspension setup, a power bump to 444 hp and a revised rear differential. Those are the main bits and they all add up to make the M3 drive considerably better than the standard car. The new suspension and revised diff make it feel like a completely different car. With the Comp Pack, the M3 is sharper, firmer and more comfortable all at the same time. It’s just more enjoyable to drive, more stable, more confident. But it also gets a new exhaust that actually breathes some life into that S55 engine.

The engine in the M3 is brilliant in its power deliver, endless thrust and performance capabilities. But it sounds a bit flat and seriously lacks in the excitement department, especially compared to all of its predecessors. So the new exhaust helps a bit. But the upgraded power doesn’t hurt either. While it’s just a 19 hp bump, from 425 hp to 444 hp, every little pony is nice. Plus, the standard M3 was never slow to begin with. It all adds up to make the BMW M3 Competition Package a great all-around performance sedan.

Mat Watson from Carwow seems to agree. The speed and power are both there, the looks are there, as is the practicality. It’s even comfortable enough to live with everyday. Hell, it even has a big trunk. The only real complaint Watson had was with the wind and tire noise in the cabin, which admittedly can be quite loud at times. He also says that, while a great car, the M3 isn’t the best car in the segment anymore. That title goes to the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio in his eyes and the eyes of many.

Though, if you want something German, something that’s fast and can be used everyday, the BMW M3 Competition Package is a great choice.