Exclusively from Munich, BMWBLOG and DriveMag bring you the first real-life photos of the all-new 2018 BMW X3. The third and best X3 just made its world debut today in Spartanburg, under the guidance of BMW Chairman Harald Krueger. The new G01 X3 was designed by BMW-rising star designer Calvin Luk, responsible for the X1 and the successful refresh of the 1 Series Hatchback.

For 2018, the X3 is all new, featuring a completely new design language, all-new interior, a new chassis, new engines and new technology. Design wise, the new X3 is an evolution of the extremely successful X3 model, with some accents inherited from the X1. Likely the biggest change with the X3 lies within the interior design where BMW has done a tremendous job bringing together a premium feel, sportiness and luxury, with a suite of high-quality trims, leather and gadgetry.

All of the elements of BMW’s new design language are there and there’s an additional aggression some of its other cars don’t have. But it’s still very distinctly an X3. For instance, the way the shoulder line kicks upward toward the Hofmeister Kink is classic X3. However, the Hofmeister itself is different and looks more aggressive.

At the front, it’s nice to see BMW ditch the connected headlights/Kidney Grilles while the grilles are massive and imposing on the road. Out back, BMW refreshed the taillights quite a bit and they now more prominently feature BMW’s traditional “L” shape. A downward-sloping roof spoiler and twin exhaust tailpipes add to the muscular appearance.

The interior of the all-new BMW X3 follows BMW tradition with its driver-focused and ergonomically optimized cockpit layout and carries over many aspects of the car’s exterior design. For instance, hexagonal forms and precise, sloping edges also play a central role in the interior. The interior as a whole displays exceptional material quality, fit, and finish, with carefully thought ergonomics.


The G01 X3 is a handsome car that looks far different than before and, thankfully, better than before. It also gets great new engines, new technology, a lightweight chassis, revised suspension and steering and a more upscale feel. It’s an entirely new car and one we’re excited to drive. In the mean time, follow our social media channels for more exclusive coverage from Spartanburg.