BMW is currently ranked as the second most valuable car brand in the world, topped only by Toyota. That makes the blue and white roundel quite desirable, topping brands such as Ferrari or Lamborghini in the process, showing once again that hard work spread across 100 years of existence does pay off. And since the brand turned 100 last year, even more people decided to turn their attention to it.

This, in turn, lead to an increased interest in the German brand and its history. The video below aims at providing some ‘useful’ insights into 15 things you might’ve not know about the BMW brand.

The video does provide some good insight into the history of BMW nonetheless, especially for the newer fans of the brand. Some might actually not be aware of events like the near acquisition of the Munich-based company by its long-lasting rival from Stuttgart at one point or of the fact that it even made pots and pans during its early years, just to stay afloat. The thing is, I think other, more interesting facts about the brand should’ve made this listing, instead of the ones that were actually included in the video, that are more widely known in my opinion.

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