In what should’ve been a rather easy race to win for a 950 HP Porsche 911 Turbo, things turned out quite differently than everyone expected, with the driver of the Neunelfer managing only to spin out in the incipient phase of the race. Things are even more peculiar as the all-wheel drive Porsche was going up against a rear-wheel drive machine in this race, specifically an F10 BMW M5, which was also upgraded into oblivion.

The race we’re looking at here features two German land missiles, each upgraded thanks to the work of a specific tuner. The BMW was fiddled with by the guys from Gorilla Performance, otherwise quite known especially in Russia for their kits. Take up from 560 HP to 760 ponies, the M5 could easily have turned its rear tires into dust if the driver wasn’t careful with his right foot. Furthermore, the track seemed to be quite damp, which would’ve made things even trickier. Luckily, the driver of the BMW knew his car very well and managed to keep things in check.

That can’t be said about the other side of the drag strip. The man behind the wheel of the 911 probably got too excited to put his 950 HP to the test, thanks to the guys from 9ff. And even though his car should’ve had the edge here, coming with all-wheel drive, it seems like our good man was taken by surprise and managed to spin his car after covering probably less than 100 yards. Once again, luck played its part though, as he keeps his car from ruining everyone’s day, by keeping it in his own lane, despite losing control for a brief moment.

Things could’ve gone a lot worse since at the moment when the Porsche starts spinning, the M5 was right next to it. Fortunately nobody got hurt and I guess the BMW can add another win to its tally. That’s a valuable warning for all drag racing amateurs out there, AWD or not, to make sure they can handle the extra power once they get on the track.

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