As we get closer to 2019, the development of the upcoming BMW 3 Series codenamed G20 is also getting closer to its final stages. Since we’re also quite far off from seeing any details regarding the design of the new 3er , we’re only left with catching glimpses of various prototypes out roaming on the Nurburgring from time to time. The most recent encounter took place this week and it showed the G20 model out testing its RWD setup.

The 3 Series will remain RWD, steering away from all the changes happening with the models slotted beneath it in the BMW range. Built atop the CLAR architecture – which was initially called 35up – a hint at which models will be using it in the first place – the new 3 Series is expected to drop some weight and gain some muscle once it comes out. The CLAR architecture surely will allow it, as it uses lightweight materials on all cars based on it, from the current 7 Series to the new 5 Series and now the 6 Series GT.

A mix of aluminum and magnesium together with CFRP ensure that weight is kept in check to allow that dynamic drive BMW customers are accustomed to. The powerplants will be inherited from the other new models, a combination of four and six-cylinder engines, both in petrol and diesel configurations. Plug-in hybrids are also part of the future 3 Series lineup, as well as a fully electric 3 Series. A three cylinder engine might be introduced as well for the entry-level models.

The B47 2-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine will lead the charge in the compact sedan market once the 2019 G20 3 Series comes out, powering both the 320d and the 318d, and a possible 325d which is claimed to have over 230 HP once it is launched. Upper tier versions will include 330d versions while the 335d we know today will transform into an M Performance model known as M340d with 320 HP. Speaking of which, the petrol alternatives will also get a new M Performance car in the shape of the M340i which will slot right under the BMW M3 in terms of performance.

BMW G20 3 Series Rendering

Other petrol-powered 3 Series models will include the 330i and 320i and possibly the 318i which is said to be powered by a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine, although not confirmed at the moment. On the hybrid side of things, the 330e will continue to be offered, even though the configuration is bound to change to offer more EV range and a faster charging alternative. Look for the 2019 BMW G20 3 Series to be launched towards the end of 2018.

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