To tackle the already successful Tesla Model 3, BMW is planning a genuine 3 Series-sized electric vehicle, according to a report by Automobile Magazine. Though sources are not clear when the car will debut; some are suggesting 2019, others 2021 or even 2022, the plan is to build a large volume electric car that will not only be priced reasonably, but it will also offer great driving range.

What’s also unclear is whether this Tesla Model 3 fighter will be marketed under the BMW or the i sub-division. The rumormill churns out that the five-seater zero emission vehicle mixes bespoke front and rear suspension with the flat-floor, battery-carrying center section borrowed from the future BMW X3 eDrive.


Same report say that two distinctly different versions are being considered for launch – a rear-wheel drive model featuring a 235-kW motor and an xDrive version good for around 300 kW.

Since driving range is the biggest selling point for electric vehicles, BMW is planning to give this sedan EV a range of 250 to 315 miles.