The bread and butter of the BMW brand for the last 30 years was, without a doubt, the BMW 3 Series. It was sold in more units than any other model the Germans launched and wrote the book on what a sporty sedan should or shouldn’t do. As 2018 nears, so does the next generation 3 Series and it will have some surprises in store for us starting with the BMW M340i.

The G20 model will bring a couple of novelties to the table. From a completely new design to new technologies, the biggest change will probably be the fact that we’ll finally get an M Performance version for all those enthusiasts out there. The new M340i will be positioned right under the M3 and it will have the guns needed to take on the likes of the Audi S4 and the Mercedes-AMG C43.

Under the BMW’s hood will lie an all too familiar engine, the same upgraded B58 3-liter straight six mill making 340 HP and 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque found on M140i and M240i models today. Chip in the drop in weight the G20 is supposed to receive and the stiffer chassis offered by the CLAR architecture and you’ve got yourself quite the canyon-carver on your hands.

What’s still unknown though is whether the M340i will be available only in RWD guise or whether the Germans will also allow you to order it in AWD guise. Considering the new F90 M5 will be using an all-wheel drive drivetrain, chances are some of the technology from the new M car could make its way into less powerful models as well.

The car does look great in the video below though and we have a feeling it will be preferred to the M3 by a lot of people, especially if it will also come with xDrive. As the snowflakes in the footage captured at the Nurburgring suggest, that could be a selling point for those considering 340 HP enough for their daily routine, especially if they live in a colder climate.