BMW has truly been on a roll lately with some of the funniest car commercials we’ve seen in a while and the one we’re showing you today makes no exception. Even if the funny angle was lost, this Chinese BMW M4 GTS ad featuring an interview with Bruce Lee moves into the philosophical realm while hinting at the tech used on the special edition car.

Bruce Lee is known to be somewhat philosophical; it probably came with the trade as most martial artists of his era and especially those that came before him, tended to combine physical strength with a sharp mind. In this particular Pierre Berton interview, recorded in 1972, Bruce shares his view on life and the challenges people face, forcing them to adapt on the spot at times.

Therefore he draws a parallel to water and how it molds and transforms into everything and anything, and how without it, we probably wouldn’t even exist. Yes, water can take any shape you put it into or can be shapeless and it can either flow or it can crash, being both a blessing and a curse, depending how you look at it.

The same can be said about water when it comes to cars. On the BMW M4 GTS, for example, a fine spray of water is injected into the intake to improve performance without affecting long term reliability. The same water, if it manages to get into the cylinders of a normal car due to, let’s say a flood, can also cause hydrolock, basically killing the engine. As I said, it can be both a blessing and a curse.

Leaving that aside, we really like the way BMW put together this commercial showcasing the BMW M4 GTS drifting in low water, emphasizing everything Bruce Lee says in his interview while also subtly hinting at what hides under its hood. Since Lee is an icon not only in China but also the rest of the world, it would be nice to see this ad everywhere, not just in Asia.