People in Europe are familiar with names like AC Schnitzer, Hartge, Manhart and Hamann, but when it comes to tuning BMWs in North America, Dinan is considered a powerhouse. Through the hard work and dedication of Steve Dinan, fans of the Bavarian brand got access to unlocked levels of performance over the course of nearly 40 years.

Today, Dinan is still working on bringing out the best in cars, including BMWs, and their latest offerings definitely deserve a closer look. The guys from Vehicle Virgins recently found this out on their own, taking a BMW M4 S2 model out for a spin and coming back with their heads still spinning. With 550 HP under the hood, and host of other changes, we can obviously see why.

The S2, or Signature 2 package, brings about a holistic approach to how a car should be tuned. No area was left out, from the engine ECU map, to the exhaust, intake and suspension. Under the hood, we have similar levels of power as on the BMW M4 GTS, with the 3-liter straight six engine now making 550 HP and 550 lb-ft (746 Nm) of torque. Those are monstrous levels by any means, considering the displacement. The significant increase in power was not only achieved by tweaking the turbos, but also by including a beautiful CF cold air intake and a new exhaust into the mix.

And while all that seems impressive, what probably makes the most difference are the new adjustable coilovers. They allow you to lower the car up to  1″ up front and 2.5″ at the back, to get just that bit closer to the ground, and have even more control of the car. All in all, the package does set you back about $13,000. This M4 is claimed to be faster than the $140,000 M4 GTS while it is also just as good in the corners. If that’s true, then getting a $80,000 M4 S2 from Dinan does sound like a bargain, especially if you’re more into how the car drives and less into having a part of BMW history, and owning a rare car like the GTS.