For owners that like a clean and crisp exterior finish, the selection of Mineral White and Alpine White are two obvious choices. This particular build features a BMW M3 that is further refined thanks to a selection of aftermarket parts and work done by European Auto Source.

This build includes nearly every BMW M Performance part available today. Namely, the BMW M Performance gloss black kidney grilles, gloss black side markers and a carbon fiber rear diffuser, ensuring the accentuating touches for this build are of the highest quality. Next, a set of iND painted front reflectors was installed, perfecting the cleaned up look in the front.

Mineral White BMW M3

Next, the owner’s attention turned towards the suspension and wheels department. First, a set of WORK Brombachers, which were originally installed on the customer’s BMW E46 M3, found their way onto this new build. Secondly, the suspension upgrades were next in line to be added. The KW Suspension HAS (Height Adjustable Sleeve Over Kit) addresses the vehicle’s ride height and suspension performance as well.

To make the wheels stand out even more and improve the stance of this BMW M3 in a significant way, the owner added some spacers. This Macht Schnell Competition wheel spacer kit comes sized 12mm in the front and 10mm in the rear, pushing the wheels flush with the fenders nicely.

The end result is a very aggressive-looking BMW M3 with old-school looks provided by the mesh-spoke 3-piece wheels. You can check out the full gallery of this build right below.