Now that the BMW M4 CS has been revealed, the hottest and most anticipated model fans of the brand are waiting for is the BMW M2 CS. Rumors have been posted online for quite some time now, but it seems like we’re finally getting closer to its release as prototypes testing the new layout are seen on the Nurburgring more often than before.

One such prototype can be seen in the video below. As you’re going to notice, its front end is camouflaged as are the taillights indicating that this is the facelifted version of the M2 as we expected it to be. According to leaked images posted on the Internet last week, the new M2 will be getting one of the smallest facelifts ever done by BMW on a car, with the only visual changes being a new set of headlights and new taillights.

However, leaving these visual add-ons aside, the car spotted roaming free on the Ring also seems to be sporting a different engine under the hood. That points directly at the BMW M2 CS which is said to be using a downgraded version of the S55 engine found on the standard M3 and M4 models, instead of the N55 unit of the stock M2.

And if the BMW M4 CS is anything to go by, the new Club Sport M2 is not only going to have more power than its N55-powered brother but it will also come with a couple of changes done to the suspension, as well as some lighter body parts while others will be removed completely. This is, after all, also supposed to be a lighter car than usual, with better aerodynamics on top of the extra grunt. The release date will be after the BMW M2 gets its facelift which means the first models sold in the US will be 2019 model years, with sales kicking off in the second half of 2018.

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