It seems that BMW is focused solely on the future at the moment. With electric cars, autonomous cars and the future of connectivity on the horizon, BMW must has its sights set on where it’s going, not where it’s been. However, there’s a lot of talk about BMW losing sight of its heritage, losing the fundamental aspects that make it our favorite Bavarian. So, just like Hollywood brings back old movie franchises when it needs a jolt, BMW could bring back one of its older models to spark some life into its enthusiast fanbase. BMW won’t be doing this of course, but if it did, which now-defunct BMW would you like to see make a return?

There are a couple of interesting choices we can think of but I’m sure you will find some more. One of the cars we’d really like to see make a comeback is the BMW Z1. The first ever BMW Z model, the Z1 was one of the most interesting cars BMW ever made. It was small, lightweight, fun and had the funkiest doors ever fitted to a BMW product. Rather than open outward or upward, they slid down into the chassis, allowing for doorless driving in a convertible BMW. How cool is that?

Obviously, a car like the Z1 would be incredibly difficult to do with modern crash standards. But the doors would only be a cherry on the cake if it were made. The idea of BMW creating another roadster that’s smaller and cheaper than the Z4, about 2 Series size and price, is a pleasant one. Imagine a tiny, no-frills BMW roadster with a manually-folding roof, manual transmission, four-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive? Incredible. Roadsters are dying so it will never happen, but it’s fun to dream.

Another car we’d like to see BMW revive is the M1, of course. Fans have been clamoring for BMW to build another supercar for what seems like decades now. Again, it will almost certainly never happen, but it’s something we can dream about. It’s not even just the fact that we want another BMW supercar, it’s the fact that the M1 was such a good car, had such a brilliant engine and looked fantastic but never really amounted to anything due to bad luck. We’d love to see what BMW could do with a real shot at it.

So I’ll leave it to you readers. Which long lost BMW would like to see come back from the dead?