Just last week we were telling you about an ad which was banned in the UK because it was considered to condone speeding and an overall aggressive attitude behind the wheel. That got BMW in trouble for just a picture and for listing the specs of the M760Li xDrive model. I wonder what the British authorities would think of the video posted below, showcasing the BMW M line-up all out.

The clip was created by BMW’s Motorsport division to announce the release of a new website where you can find the latest info about the brand as well as the latest accessories and parts for your M vehicle. Needless to say, the 40 seconds of the video are filled with burned rubber, loud exhausts and rapid-fire alternating shots that do give you the impression you’re on the track instead of at home, watching it all while sitting on your couch.

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We get to check out the entire range of M cars at work here, from the M2 all the way up to the X6 M and the unapologetic attitude definitely pays off. This might very well be the best promo the Germans released in the last 5 years and it’s only 40 seconds long. As for the website, you’ll find it contains all things relevant to the usual BMW M enthusiast.

From original blog posts about the latest releases to details about every M car available as well as their M Performance alternatives. You can also check out a wide range of M Performance parts for your car while the community hub welcomes you and other M owners into what feels like a private club, set up just for you. All things considered though, as enticing as the new website might be, we’re still in love with this promo. Check it out!