Now that the news of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show has started to die down, let’s take a look at all that’s happened. In the aftermath of all of the debuts, there are a few cars that really stand out. To be honest, though, Geneva had quite a lot of debuts and was one of the biggest auto shows in some time, so to stand out automakers had to really bring it. A few really did and made some big splashes so let’s take a look at some of the biggest debuts and we’ll tell you our favorite, to which you can rebut with yours.

One of the bigger debuts was the Audi RS5. The BMW M4’s new competitor hit the scene boasting in-your-face looks, a fantastic cabin and serious performance specs that should make the M4 nervous. With 444 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque from its twin-turbo 2.9 liter V6 engine, the RS5 makes the same amount of horsepower as the M4 Competition Package, just with more torque. Plus, it has Quattro all-wheel drive to aid in traction off the line. So expect its performance numbers to beat up the M4’s. The BMW M3 was always about emotion and the way it made its drive feel, rather just pure performance numbers and technology. The latter game was more in Audi’s wheelhouse. Now that the M4 is the sort of clinical, technology-laden performance car, the Audi RS5 might just beat it up, as the M4 could be in Audi’s territory now.

The McLaren 720S was also a wonderfully exciting debut. McLaren’s always have a special place in BMW fans’ hearts. The connection between the two brands’ fans, thanks to the McLaren F1, always makes it nice to see McLaren pumping out world-beating supercars and it seems to have done just that with the new 720S. With a completely new carbon fiber tub, that’s lighter and stiffer than before while offering an incredible 360-degree greenhouse on the inside, the 720S looks so flipping good. It finally brings some seductive looks to the McLaren brand, which always seemed to have styled its cars with only a wind tunnel. Now, there’s some real beauty and elegance. Oh, and it packs 720 hp from its twin-turbo V8, so it boasts a power-to-weight ratio that crushes the old 650S.

But I think our favorite car of the show has to be the ALPINA B5 Biturbo. We may be homers on this one, but how can you not love a stunning luxury sedan with more power than a Ferrari 458 Italia. The 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 in the ALPINA B5 Biturbo makes 608 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque, which is simply insane. That makes it more powerful than the ALPINA B7 and BMW M760Li, the latter of which has a twin-turbo V12. The interior is also stunning and it has quad exhaust pipes. How can one not absolutely love that? Plus, there’s always something inherently lovable about ALPINAs.

The level of luxury in ALPINAs is superb, besting even the best efforts from BMW. So add that to the already wonderful cabin of the 5 Series and you’ve got something truly special on your hands. Then throw in all of that power, xDrive all-wheel drive and increased ride comfort and handling. If there is a better all-around daily driver, I want someone to show me because I’m not sure one exists.