One of the most important BMW novelties at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show is not at BMW: the new ALPINA B5 Biturbo based on the G30 5 Series is the noble alternative to the next M5 and once again makes it clear that a convincing power sedan with lots of power is not always coming from Garching.

Powered by the variant of the V8 engine with a displacement of 4.4 liters, the 2017 BMW ALPINA B5 comes with 608 hp and a maximum torque of 800 Newton meter, making a clear statement in the middle class segment.

The BMW ALPINA B5 G30 also delivers the enormous power of its V8 Biturbo to all four wheels – including superb traction and impressive driving performance. On dry ground, the sprint succeeds from 0 to 100 in only 3.5 seconds, the 200 mark is reached – according to ALPINA – after 11.4 seconds.

With this type of performance, the ALPINA B5 Biturbo moves at the same level as the fastest vehicles of its class – and in top speed, it plays – at 330 km/h – even in its own league, far beyond BMW M and Mercedes-AMG. Thanks to the agile base from Munich, it is also obvious that the Buchloers want to position the B5 in the absolute Champions League in terms of lateral dynamics.

To ensure that the G30 BMW ALPINA B5 not only impresses on straight line, but also on convoluted routes, the developers of the 5 Series sedan have donated the full high-tech chassis package. Rear axle steering, roll stabilization, adaptive dampers are all used standard by the B5.

Unlike the BMW 5 Series G30, the ALPINA B5 will offer a Comfort Pro mode and push all the controls towards sovereignty and driving comfort. Fine components such as the additional stiffened front wheel or the more powerful braking system now move into the background, instead the cruiser qualities are the focus.

The G31 ALPINA B5 Touring is not shown in Geneva; the same applies to the diesel variant D5, so far now we get to enjoy this ultimate business athlete.

[Photos: Bimmertoday]