Handling and cornering prowess are the E92 M3’s most widely recognized traits. The sports coupe simply loves tight corners and windy roads, giving the driver great thrills and a driving experience to be remembered which is further enhanced by the synonymous growl of the naturally aspirated V8 engine.

Unfortunately for some, the engine – when compared to contemporary powerplants – seems a bit underpowered. This is mostly due to the torque levels being significantly lower than of those found in the current-generation BMW M3’s. The solution to this problem presents itself in the offerings made available by the aftermarket tuning industry.

Matte Black BMW E92 M3 Supercharged Project By European Auto Source

In its stock form, the 4.0 Liter engine found in the M3 delivers 414 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque. Consequently, the E92 M3 will sprint from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in 4.3-4.5 seconds. For some owners, the power levels of the stock tuned M3 engine simply aren’t enough, making them turn to the aftermarket industry for more power and torque. This is where a supercharger comes in handy allowing the engine to produce more oomph, comparable to levels found in the current-generation M3.

Matte Black BMW E92 M3

With the ESS Supercharger, the owners receive a bump in power and some amplified linear acceleration. In turn, this leaves the feel of the naturally aspirated engine – alongside its gorgeous sound – pretty much intact. The ESS supercharger kit is available in four different power levels. Ranging from 550 to 650 horsepower and greatly improving the M3’s performance numbers, they offer a seemingly perfect way to tune this vehicle’s powerplant.

Furthermore, all of the components found within the supercharger are thoroughly tested, seen in a number of aftermarket builds, yielding near OEM reliability levels.

Matte Black BMW E92 M3

On the other hand, this matte black BMW M3 is quite a sleeper. This is mostly achieved due to its relatively unchanged exterior which can trick many at that drag race.

Check out the full build gallery of this matte black BMW M3 project right below.

Matte Black BMW E92 M3