In Europe, two of the hottest hatches you can buy today are the BMW M140i and the new Ford Focus RS. The two hatchbacks headed to the German Autobahn for a straightline comparison of their acceleration and top speed. ‘

The BMW M140i is the last in a line of excellent rear-wheel drive hot-hatches from BMW and it’s a rare unicorn in its segment. It’s the only hot-hatch on the market to power its rear wheels only and that makes it incredibly special. However, it’s also a dying breed, as the 1 Series will soon become front-wheel drive-based.

But at the same time, Ford has done a tremendous job making the Focus RS an exciting and impressively dynamic car. It’s crazy fast, incredibly agile and has razor sharp reflexes.

The BMW M140i packs a 320 hp turbocharged I6 engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission with an open-differential. It’s also equipped with the optional all-wheel drive system. From the Ford Focus RS, you get a 2.3 liter turbocharged 350 hp four-cylinder engine, six-speed manual and all-wheel drive with a fancy differential and electronics to keep everything grippy.

In the video below, the two cars go past the 200 km/h mark (124 mph).

The Focus RS sells in Europe for 39,600 euros, while the M140i starts at 50,700 euros.