This Yas Marina Blue BMW F80 M3 build is a clean and appealing tuning project which not only features some of the highest quality and classy aftermarket parts installed, but it also prepares it for the race track.

The build started off with a set of interior modifications. Even though the factory sports seats are nothing to be trifled with, these aftermarket seats installed by European Auto Source allow us to fully value this owner’s style and knowledge of the aftermarket industry. After all, the Sparco SPX street seat is one of the finest choices one could make.

Generally speaking, these Sparco seats are one quality product. The seat maker handcrafts the Sparco SPX seats in Italy. The manufacturing process uses the same technology and materials used for OEM super cars. As a matter of fact, the SPX is the first Carbon Fiber reclining seat available to the public that meets the same stringent specifications required by the OEM manufacturers.

Additionally, the SPX uses a combination of carbon fiber and advanced composites. In turn, this gives the driver both comfort and performance – all in a lightweight package. Add the ergonomic shape of the carbon fiber backrest and the seating position of the RTM composite lower and you get a seat that firmly holds the driver during extreme lateral forces while being also comfortable during long road trips.

Ultimately, the seats offer both the luxury feeling and the race-inspired performance in one single product. Perfect for the trackdays. But also, great for daily driving as well.

Yas Marina Blue BMW M3 Looking Clean & Impressive Image 2

Furthermore, the owner opted for a set of BMW M Performance Parts for his build. Namely, the M Performance carbon fiber front splitters were installed, joined by the carbon fiber rear spoiler and the titanium exhaust system. The latter allows the M3 to exert a much deeper exhaust sound. Consequently, the somewhat understated exhaust note is now further accentuated and the M3 sounds like a proper high-performance machine.

Yas Marina Blue BMW M3 Looking Clean & Impressive Image 3

Finally, the tuning shop installed the HRE FF01 FlowForm wheel set, adding a perfect finishing touch for this vehicle. With sizes of 20×8.5 and 20×10.5 in the front and rear, respectively, the wheels, in their gloss black finish, suit the Yas Marina Blue beauty quite well. Full build showcase is available right below.

Yas Marina Blue BMW M3 Looking Clean & Impressive Image 7