For the BMW E92 M3, its naturally aspirated engine is a handicap for owners that wish to further improve its performance. Naturally-aspirated engines are more difficult to upgrade versus forced-induction. In the light of that, yes, forced induction options are available. But, for some owners, the growl of that 4.0 Liter V8 is simply too appealing to impact with turbos or any other forced induction solution. So this particular E92 M3 had to be tuned in a much more tedious, work intensive and more expensive build.

In turn, this BMW E92 M3 achieved some pretty impressive numbers. This is done thanks to a set of high-quality performance aftermarket parts. The M3 comes with a custom tune, a custom exhaust – based off the Macht Schnell X-Pipe – followed by a Macht Schnell Stage 2 intake, and an RD Sport pulley. Furthermore, the addition of a Fall Line Motorsports carbon fiber draft shaft helps transform the power into rear wheel drive performance. Consequently, the V8 naturally aspirated engine now revs better, produces more power and torque, giving the owner much more in terms of sheer unadulterated performance.

Trinity Autosport BMW E92 M3 Image 5 750x469

As a result, the BMW M3’s mighty V8 engine now produces 425 horsepower at the rear wheels. Getting 400 horsepower in a street-drive M3 is pretty amazing. But, getting 425 wheel horsepower, in a race track ready M3 – that’s something else. Furthermore, it needs to be noted that this BMW M3 weighs in at only 2800 lbs (120kg). The power-to-weight ratio is simply impressive throughout.

Trinity Autosport BMW E92 M3 Image 1 750x469

Once the engine performance modifications were added, the owner decided to add some visual upgrades that also yield improved performance. Namely, this BMW M3 received a gorgeous Brooks Motorsport adjustable rear wing.

While it yields better downforce and helps plant the vehicle to the ground in tight and fast corners, it also affords the M3 with quite an extravagant look. After the wing was installed for the car, the owner also added a front carbon fiber splitter. Like the rear wing, it also provides a healthy performance update and improves its visual aspect at the same time.

Trinity Autosport BMW E92 M3

Additionally, the Sparco PRO-ADV competition seat for the driver, the PRO 2000 competition seat for the passenger, alongside a CAE billet aluminum short shifter kit make for the interior additions. Finally, the vehicle received aftermarket wheels. These hide the StopTech Trophy big brake kit, allowing for improved braking and less brake fade as well. Finally, a JRZ Suspension Motorsport 11 Series double adjustable suspension allows for much improved driving dynamics.

Trinity Autosport BMW E92 M3