With each new performance model coming out of BMW these days, the much-famed German exhaust manufacturer Eisenmann releases something new of their own. Eisenmann has had the privilege of designing exhaust systems for every major M car ever created. Their exhaust systems can be seen all the way from their E30 M3 to today’s F10 M5 and F82 M4 cars. The F87 M2 was a natural next step.

Furthermore, the exhaust company has been working with IND Distribution for almost ten years now. The partnership between the two allows them to promote their products, but also test them, develop, engineer and gauge the interest for their exhaust systems and gather important information. That same approach was taken for the BMW M2 exhaust system, along all the problems, solutions and ideas that were taken into account.

Eisenmann F87 M2 Performance Exhaust System 1

For the BMW F87 M2 there were several aspects the exhaust company had to oblige to. First, the vehicle will most often than not see some extensive performance driving usage. Second, the exhaust system needs to deliver a classic, deep sound, all with even piping diameter and optimized gas flow, delivering a loud exhaust note when needed and staying refined in day-to-day driving. This is the reason for Eisenmann developing and testing the  M2 exhaust system over a 10 month period together with IND, carefully refining all attributes to ensure the best possible system for this particular vehicle.

Eisenmann F87 M2 Performance Exhaust System 3

The new BMW M2 aftermarket exhaust system features a downpipe-back design, smooth and generously sized piping, all resulting with a sound that will warm the hearts of all BMW M enthusiasts. The rear tube is nicely concealed behind the M2’s rear bumper – thanks to it’s carefully designed shape – which allows the exhaust tips to sit perfectly in the OEM styled holes in the rear bumper. A seamless look is thus achieved, something we’re so keen on with aftermarket solutions like these.

Eisenmann offers a broad array of tip styles and finishes. These include a variety of stainless steel tips in raw, brushed, polished, and black finishes. The striking carbon fiber tip option will make the BMW M2 look even better. Each exhaust system is constructed by hand from 304 grade stainless steel, at Eisenmann’s Stuttgart facility.

Eisenmann F87 M2 Performance Exhaust System 4

As for the additional features of this exhaust system, the valve control is standard with the new M2 system, it allows the system to transform the car’s sound as the valve is opened or closed using the original BMW computer control. Media gallery of the Eisenmann exhaust system for the BMW M2 is available below.