Often times, in the aftermarket tuning business, both the customer and the tuning shop fail to get what they needed: customer wants an unique custom look while the tuning shop might have its own ideas what a perfect build is. Finding a balance is challenging and when you see a successful tuning project then you simply have to bow and admire it.

With this Black Sapphire BMW F82 M4, this balance has been successfully achieved by European Auto Source. The complete build is based on a blacked out look to match the classy exterior color.

Black Sapphire BMW M4 Build With An ESS Tune And Eisenmann Exhaust 3 750x468Wanting to maintain the blacked-out appearance of his M4, the customer opted for the Eisenmann Black Series performance exhaust system. Featuring a uniquely shaped muffler that hides behind the bumper, the resonated midpipes and laser-etched signature tips, the Eisenmann exhaust system is the latest addition to the M3/M4 tuning market.

Black Sapphire BMW M4 Build With An ESS Tune And Eisenmann Exhaust 4 750x468

Maintaining the color scheme is crucial for this project. After the exhaust was installed, it was the aftermarket aero parts’ turn to be added to the car. These play the part in maintaining the look while also enhancing aesthetics and not impair performance. BMW gloss black kidney grilles, iND painted front reflectors and side markers, and a carbon fiber rear diffuser were all installed on the Black Sapphire M4.

Black Sapphire BMW M4

Next, the wheels were in line for the  upgrade. A set of HRE P101 wheels were installed, sized 20 inches front and rear, respectively. These work in a fashionable manner to complete the blacked out look of the exterior, while also providing an excellent aftermarket wheel setup that is lightweight, rather than rigid, thanks to the custom construction. Next come the H&R lowering springs which bring the car closer to the ground and enhance its stance.

Black Sapphire BMW M4

Along with the new exhaust, the tuning company also installed the ESS E-Tronic tuning chip for this engine. It is a simple plug-n-play tuning solution that unlocks the hidden potential of the S55. On the dyno, this M4 not only sounds awesome now, but it also puts down some nice power: 454hp and 463ft-lbs torque at the wheels!

Please grab a few moments to take a look at the video we’ve added. The entire build can be viewed below in the gallery we’ve added as well. Enjoy!

Black Sapphire BMW M4