The race to bring out the best exhaust for the BMW M2 is still on, as another big name announced today that it’s working on it and will soon have a complete exhaust to show for it. Exhaust specialist Armytrix threw its name in the hat with a short video published on its Youtube channel, featuring what may very well be the loudest M2 to date.

The Armytrix crew is otherwise known for its outrageous creations, most of which are used by supercars and supercar-wannabes to scare children and unsuspecting pedestrians. Unlike other systems that are usually aiming for a refined and deep growl that would complement the engine, the Armytrix solutions usually break loudness records. Sure, for some people that may be exactly what they are looking for but some might view this as utter insanity.

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Fortunately, it’s not the case with the M2. Sure, the exhaust system shown in the video below is loud, probably louder than any other we’ve seen so far, but it’s not as disturbing as we had expected. Truth be told, it resembles more a popcorn machine that uses extra large corn seeds but other than that, I think this might actually be ok to live with.

To set themselves apart in an industry that’s more and more competitive, the guys from Armytrix are offering a different valve control option. Most manufacturers use the OEM setup to open and close the valves in the rear muffler while some have their own remote controls. Armytrix on the other hand, created a solution that allows you to use your smartphone to control just how loud your car is and we have to say, it does seem rather convenient. Unfortunately, for the moment, the tuner didn’t release a price tag for its exhaust system or any additional specs but expect them to arrive soon enough.