One of the best experiences a BMW enthusiast can go through in his life is going to the BMW Welt to pick up his brand new car. For US customers this is known as  ‘European Delivery’ and according to hundreds of testaments it is worth the trouble. Going over to Germany to get your brand new auto and then take it for a spin around Europe’s best roads is something every car enthusiast should experience at least once during a lifetime.

However, few people actually know what goes on behind closed doors with your car, before you actually get to see it and drive it. Leaving aside the actual assembly process, there are quite a few steps to be followed by technicians over in Munich before handing you the keys. The videos below offer a glimpse into what actually happens and we need to warn you, the footage may not be for the faint of heart.


In the second video posted here, you can watch a BMW X5 go through an automatic car wash, an experience that’s traumatizing for a lot of people, myself included. All jokes aside, this type of car wash is known among enthusiasts to be avoided if possible, as a lot of people have claimed to have left such places with a couple of fresh scratches on their cars. Therefore, they have a bad reputation at the moment and whether or not it is deserved, we can’t really say, as it may depend on a variety of factors.

The footage below also shows how every BMW is checked thoroughly before delivery, both on the assembly line and on a special course. Testing out the suspension and the engine are mandatory as are the door alignments and other factors you can’t see in the videos below. Even so, they do make for a rather interesting watch, if you have the time.