The BMW M2 and the BMW M4 GTS are the BMWs to buy and drive this year. The two have been competing in a variety of contests this year for the perfect driver’s title. The guys from Motor Trend looked at the M4 GTS as a potential winner while  Car and Driver took both the M2 and the GTS out for a spin, during their trial runs to find the best of the best.

Now Autocar is holding a new contest, this time to find what they call the best driver’s car in Britain. It’s a tough choice and an even greater challenge for the M2 as the BMW is hitting way above its category here, going up against the likes of Porsche’s 911 R, Aston Martin GT8, Honda NSX and McLaren 675 LT. As you can see, the price tags of the competition are way above what BMW is asking for its baby M.


But does that make the Bimmer a ridiculous proposition? Absolutely not. The video below tells you exactly why the M2 is regarded as one of the best cars you can buy today and it all has to do with maneuverability, perfect balance and yes, a decent price tag. Being a refined version of what BMW knows how to do best, this small coupe with a straight six engine and RWD is exactly what allowed the brand to become the icon it is today.

As far as downsides go, the guys point out the brakes and the springs, that might’ve been better. However, considering the scale they are using to rate them, compared against the likes of McLaren and even Porsche, we’d say they might get the job done at the end of the day. Furthermore, since the BMW M2 comes with a rather low price tag, you end up having enough money to invest into better rotors and springs, if you’ll be driving on a track rather often.