Normally, when one enters a race track, lacking traction is one of the worst things that can happen. That’s actually what prompted racing drivers to call the Nurburgring the Green Hell as the weather on the German track can be quite vicious. Since we’re in October and rain is starting to ruin track days on the Ring, some daring BMW drivers decided to have some fun.

Taking advantage of a Tourist Day on the Nurburgring as well as soaking wet asphalt, they decided to put their RWD cars to good use and actually have some fun for a change, forgetting all about lap times and grip. Therefore, they went ahead and had an impromptu drift session on what is probably the most famous corner on the entire track: the Carousel.


In case you still don’t know how it got its name, you can clearly guess just by watching the video below: because you can have fun in it! The video shows some BMW E36 M3 models and a BMW E46 M3 drifting on the outside of the corner where smooth asphalt lies instead of concrete blocks. Usually, when going for record lap times, most cars prefer the bumpy concrete despite the obvious discomfort it causes, just to shave a millisecond off their overall result. This time around though, as we said, it’s all about having fun.

Truth be told, this could also be used as a promotional material for both BMW and the Nurburgring, as this is what dreams of petrolheads are made of, right? Of course, it’s also dangerous but luckily most of the guys doing the drifting know both their cars and what they’re doing. Unlike the gentleman with the E91 3 Series Touring who we applaud for his intention but we’d recommend a bit more practice before taking on a track like the Green Hell.