The BMW E46 M3 is so loved, it’s bound to become a future classic. As a matter of fact, the mint models are already demanding quite high price tags, a trend that is bound to evolve over the next few years. However, in order for an E46 M3 to demand a high price tag, a few things need to be checked off. 

First of all, the car needs to be absolutely stock and with as few miles on the clock as possible. Therefore, models such as the one featured in the video below can not pass for the coveted ‘collector’ status. What we have here though, might be even better. Sure, the resale value isn’t all that great but why sell it in the first place when it can do things that will get your heart racing in no time?


The car below has been heavily modified as per the video description on Youtube. It features a built S54 engine with a Precision 6466 turbo. The project was put together by the guys over at PPF and is supposed to put out 800 WHP and 950 Nm (700 lb-ft) of torque at the wheels. This M3 also features a manual transmission which means driving it even at low speeds must be quite the experience.

The way the owner enters the highway may be frowned upon by the police -depending where you  live – but it certainly makes for an exciting video. The car is mostly going sideways but then again, the driver definitely seems to know his car very well, being in control the whole time. And while we’re definitely not encouraging you to do the same, we can’t help but admire both the car and the skill showcased here.