BMW E46 M3 CSL 32 750x500

BMW S54 Engine – Everything You Need To Know

There’s a lot of components to making a car with the express purpose of bringing joy through driving. Some literal, some figurative. I like to believe the steering and suspension are the “soul” of the…

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The Smit Oletha Now Comes With an S54 Straight-Six

The Smit Oletha Coupe is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful cars I’ve seen in years. Which is ironic because it wasn’t designed by a massive automotive brand with an acclaimed design team. Instead, it…

BMW E36 With S54 Swap Lives Again After Being Dormant For 8 Years

Best BMW Engines of All-Time: An Alternate Take

Nico DeMattia got the ball rolling with his list of ‘Five Best BMW Engines of All-Time’ and I thought I’d give an alternate view. The history of superior BMW engine designs originates at the very…