BMW Super Bild Of The Day: S54 SuperCharged

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The vicious cycle of obsolescence is something difficult for an enthusiast to accept. You just purchased what seemed like the latest and the fastest M3, then BAM!, a newer version comes along and eats your lunch! What’s an enthusiast to do? Upgrade!

I’ve made no qualms that I think the E46 M3 chassis is one of the best BMW has ever engineered. And yes, the S54 inline 6 cylinder had plenty of power for it, 333Hp to be exact (More in the Europe only CSL 360HP). But when the E90/92 came out in 2008 it was packing a 4 liter V8 with 414Hp under its sexy vented hood. This rendered the E46 almost immediately obsolete.

S54 SC 655x434

Yearning for more competitive power in the straights than the current M3; some enthusiasts feel the E46 is a better chassis than the E92, owners turn to “Tuners” to find more power. That’s where Active Autowerke comes into the picture. They offer their Active Autowerke E46 M3 Generation 7 Supercharger Kit Level 2. This level 2 kit offers a reliable 510HP. The Stage 2 for that same kit is rated at over 600HP! How’s that for “leap frogging” the E90/92 or even the yet to be announced F80/82 which is speculated to have 425HP-450HP.

Whether you believe the E90/92 or the E46 is the better chassis for your track day excursion is irrelevant, what can’t be debated is the image you see before you, the Active Autowerke S54 fed by Super Charger is a work of art! It’s no wonder the used car values on E46 M3 have seen a spike in the last few years. With horsepower packages like this available I’d be looking for one too, then I’d have the boys at Active Autowerke work their magic.

Looking for an ActiveAutowerke tune for your BMW? Hit the source link.

[Source: ActiveAutowerke ]

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