Over the last few years, BMW has been trying to make the BMW M Performance accessory range as popular as possible. Various press cars are getting fitted with more and more M Performance parts, like our recent BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe tester and an upcoming 3 Series Sports Wagon. The reason for this aggressive marketing push is quite clear. The tuning market adds up to a multi-billion dollar cap, worldwide, and the Germans want a piece of that pie. And who better to turn to when you want to tune your car than the manufacturer that actually built the vehicle? That’s what the Bavarians are banking on and it seems to be working.

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That said, the M Performance parts need some serious advertising power behind them and some markets are already on top of that. Take for example the UK market where BMW has created a great 2 minutes ad for a series of M Performance Parts.

In the video below, we get to see a variety of ways in which customers can tune their cars. Whereas the BMW 4 Series Coupe shows up wearing what looks like the complete M Performance accessory kit, the other two cars are configured entirely different. The 4 Series Convertible is a lot more subtle, featuring just a few of small subtle changes, while the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe seems to fit in right in the middle between the other two. The point is, you don’t have to go all the way, instead being offered the chance to configure your car the way you like, with more or less carbon fiber.