The BMW M4 received great reviews when it first came out. The new sports coupe provides great handling and plenty of extra power to make people forget the old V8, but there was one problem everyone seemed to complain about: the exhaust sound. Moving from a naturally aspirated V8 to a twin turbocharged straight six was bound to bring some critics, but BMW managed to solve that with the help of M Performance parts.

It’s rather clear these days that the Germans are investing quite heavily in the M Performance division. Seeing as there is a multi billion dollar market for tuning parts, the Bavarians naturally want a piece of that pie. And if you can enhance your car with parts made by the manufacturer itself, why not go for it, right?


The M Performance range isn’t made up exclusively of exhaust systems. As the guys from South African Car Magazine point out, for the M4 you can go for a wider range of parts. From the rear diffuser and exhaust tips to the side sills, mirror covers, boot lid spoiler and front splitter you can invest quite a bit of money in enhancing your car. Is it all worth it though? Maybe the video below can offer an answer.