Whenever AC Schnitzer releases a new car you know greatness is in store. The AC Schnitzer ACL2 model is no exception, bringing incredible performance in a compact package that started life out as a BMW M235i. At a recent Cars and Coffee event hosted in Dusseldorf, Germany, the crowd could admire the ACL2 in all its glory, in motion.

It’s one thing to see these bespoke cars showcased, stationary, at car shows and a completely different thing to actually see them on the road, blending in – or not – through the myriad of other cars. And truth be told, this also offers you a glimpse of how you’d look driving one of these things down the road. Leaving all of this aside, let’s just take a closer look.


The car seems to be driven by an older gentleman that doesn’t cave in to the demands of the crowd of youngsters filming the car, and doesn’t go all ballistic with it. The guys from AC Schnitzer probably chose him specifically, to avoid the sort of incidents Mustangs seem to cause at this kind of gathering. All jokes aside, our good man steps on the gas just enough to offer us a glimpse into how good the straight six under the hood can sound with the AC Schnitzer treatment.

As for the technical specs of the car, you can notice the exterior kit which completely transforms the original BMW M235i body, with wider fenders, big aero elements up front and in the back as well as a huge wing on the boot. That said, under the hood lies a BMW M4 S55 3-liter engine which received an AC Schnitzer upgrade and was taken up to 570 HP. At the back there’s a new limited slip differential with Drexler diff lock from 25 to 95 percent that replaced the stock setup. As the name suggests, the ACL2 (instead of the usual ACS2 nameplate) means the car is not for sale but according to AC Schnitzer, it would have a price tag of around 150,000 Euros with all this work done to it.