To remedy the near-constant complaints of the BMW M4 losing some of the sharpness and main that made previous M cars so wonderful, BMW brought us the Competition Package. The $4,750 package brings 19 extra ponies, some incredible looking 20″ wheels, an entirely new suspension setup, revised steering, a re-calibrated differential and some cool visual touches on both the exterior and interior. It’s been said that the new Competition Package does sharpen the M4 up a bit. But is it worth the extra money on top of an already expensive car?

The folks from CarAdvice claim that it isn’t. They claim that it’s still not a perfect M4 and it’s still not as sharp as it should be. That may be the case, depending on who you ask. Though, if you were to ask us, we’d say it’s more complicated than that.


In all honesty, no, the Comp Pack isn’t worth it because the M4 isn’t worth the extra money over the BMW M2. The BMW M2 starts at nearly $10,000 less than the standard BMW M4 and it’s the far superior drivers car while not giving up much in the way of interior space or practicality. So the BMW M2 makes the M4 seem superfluous. However, if you absolutely must have an M4, the Competition Package is absolutely worth the money.

While the BMW M4 isn’t perfect, it’s still great fun to drive. It’s fast, dynamic and extremely capable. The Competition Package amplifies all of its best qualities while fixing some of its faults. Where the standard M4 can be sketchy to drive quickly, specially in the wet, thanks to its incessant desire to kick its tail out, the Competition quells some of that nervousness. Its re-calibrated differential and better suspension allow it to feel more stable and more sure-footed. Its steering is also sharper and feels a bit better, if not worlds better.

But the biggest thing the Competition Package does is add a bit of character. By far and away, the M4’s biggest fault is that it feels a bit too clinical. Its exhaust sounds sterile and not all that attractive and it’s a bit too dull of a machine. However, the Comp Pack also brings about a new exhaust that sounds far, far better than the standard car’s. This brings some added drama and character to the M4 that was much needed.


Add all of that added character and better performance to a much better look, thanks to the gorgeous new wheels, black accents and interior upgrades, and you get a package that’s worth far more than $4,750. We just had a week with the M4 Competition Package and it’s noticeably better than the standard car, making it what the standard M4 should have been to begin with.

While the BMW M4 isn’t really worth buying now that the M2 exists, if you’re going to buy an M4, the Competition Package is a must.