BMW’s process of rolling out its new family of engines is currently in full swing. Most of the cars assembled by the Bavarians are using the new B-family of engines and most of them have already been rolled out. The BMW 340i is one of the first to take advantage of the new engine technology, along with the facelifted 3 Series range filled with new-age engines that deliver higher fuel efficiency, power and a more refined sound.

We noticed the improvement of the new engine architecture during a recent test drive of the BMW M140i. The sound of the new B58 3-liter straight six petrol engine has a different tune from its predecessor, the N55, louder and with a bit more growl. The same opinion seems to be shared by the guys from Shiftech who have fitted a BMW F31 340i Touring with a new custom exhaust from Akrapovic.

maxresdefaultEven though you can’t really tell when the exhaust valves are closed, once they are open, there’s a big difference compared to the stock car. And that difference in sound becomes even more noticeable when the car is stationary or when rolling, due to its deeper growl and audible overrun burbles.

As for the exhaust system itself, being an Akrapovic creation, it doesn’t come cheap. Prices vary for different markets, but for example, in the US it will cost more than $3,000 for the complete system. For this kind of money, you get a stainless steel exhaust that not only changes the sound of your car but also adds some 4 HP and 6 Nm to the mix, offering a small power increase along with a sharper throttle response.