Famous YouTuber Shmee150 is known for his videos of the world’s highest performing sports cars and supercars. He even has his own very impressive car collection. So it’s always interesting to see a video from Shmee. In his latest video, Shmee takes a BMW M2 to the Akrapovic facility in Slovenia to get a new exhaust system fitted and to take a tour of the impressive facility.

When he gets there, the M2 goes into a dyno room where it will be tested, lifted and have its new exhaust system installed. On the floor next to it is the titanium Akrapovic exhaust system waiting to be installed. It’s a gorgeous work of engineering, with perfectly hand-welded seams. It’s incredibly impressive and shows how dedicated to quality Akrapovic is.

Next, Shmee takes a tour of the massive facility, where Akrapovic makes everything in house. They even have their own foundry. Every exhaust system is handled with excruciating attention to detail and extreme care. It’s almost a religion to Akrapovic. Watching a welder hand weld an exhaust system or the machines laser cut steel is genuinely fascinating. It’s like poetry in motion. At least it is for car nerds, like myself.

After a tour through the home of Akrapovic, we get to see the BMW M2 again, this time up on a lift. It’s old exhaust system lying on the floor to the left of it and a brand-spanking new Akrapovic system installed. While BMW does fantastic work and has some of the highest build quality in the industry, its exhaust system simply cannot match the beauty of the Akrapovic system. The new, dual-pipe titanium exhaust with carbon fiber-covered tips looks stunning and is basically engineering heaven. The BMW system, which is actually a single-pipe system, looks downright cheap by comparison.


They bring the M2 back down and start it up. The stock M2 exhaust sounds great and is one of the best sounding BMWs on the market. But the Akrapovic system takes it to the next level. It isn’t crazy loud and isn’t even much louder than the stock system. But that’s not what Akrapovic is about, their about sound quality. The new exhaust sounds throatier, angrier and growlier. It pops and fizzles more. It’s more dramatic and more exciting.

There are also different exhaust sound settings programmed into the M2’s pre-programmed modes. So in Comfort, the exhaust is a bit tamer than normal, but still louder than stock. In Sport, it’s even louder and angrier, but not insane. However, Akrapovic programmed a third setting that’s somewhat hidden. To engage it, you must turn the traction control off and when that’s done, it goes into extra loud mode and it sounds very angry and very throaty. It’s awesome.

We’re big fans of Akrapovic, here at BMWBLOG. They make some of the world’s best exhaust systems and do world-class work. Their exhausts are fitted to BMWs, Mercedes’, Audis and they’re even working with Christian von Koenigsegg for the new Koenigsegg Regerra. This video only makes us bigger fans and if any of us bought an M2, you can bet an Akrapovic exhaust would grace it.