On October 1st, Paris will not only be the capital city of France, it will also become the world capital of the auto industry as the 2016 Paris Motor Show will open its doors. Set to take place until October 16, the biggest car makers in the world are going to be there, presenting their latest creations. BMW will also join the line up but it seems like this year, their arsenal will not be as full of surprises as we’ve grown used to.

The German company announced its line-up for the venue and we have to admit we were expecting more.  The only world premiere promised to us comes from the BMW Motorrad division, with its recently unveiled BMW C evolution scooter. Offering a 60 per cent increase in range, superior performance and a European version that meets the requirements of the A1 driving licence category, the new BMW C evolution benefits from a substantial increase in the battery’s cell capacity (94 Ah, up from 60 Ah). This allows customers to travel up to 160 kilometres (99 miles) in the long-range version.


As far as BMW models go, only two are mentioned, even though the full line-up will include other cars as well. The new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo will be celebrating its show premiere. Serving up its blend of luxury-class elegance, sportiness and spaciousness in even more sophisticated form, thanks to new engines offering even more power and yet greater efficiency, a more visually striking exterior and an even more smoothly styled interior, the new GT will be presented to a live audience in Paris for the first time.

The latest variant of the BMW i3, with its new 94 Ah battery, will also be present in the French capital. Boasting a range that has increased by over 50 per cent, on the standard NEDC cycle, it achieves a range of 300 kilometres (186 miles) instead of the previous 190 kilometres (118 miles). Besides this, there are extra equipment options for the BMW i3 as well as new, more powerful BMW i Wallbox charging stations for home garages. A true world premiere will be marked by the BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver Edition special-edition model.

BMW will surprise us with a world premiere at the European Auto Show of the year. A concept version of the future BMW X2 will be unveiled.