Paris Motor Show

2019 BMW 3 Series real life G20 2 830x553

New photos of the BMW 3 Series G20 from Paris

The BMW 3 Series is arguably the most important for the BMW brand, so it’s no surprise that we flew to Paris to cover the world unveil of the new G20 generation. It’s also not…

Paris 2018: BMW M2 Competition with M Performance Parts

BMW i4 iX3 iNEXT 3 of 6 830x553

BMW CEO Confirms BMW i4 EV to Be Launched in 2021

The Paris Motor Show kicked off with a bang. The BMW Group presented all the goodies it had in store for us and the speeches officials from Munich held were more interesting than ever as…

2019 BMW 3 Series exterior interior 5 830x553

More Live Photos of the new BMW 3 Series G20

We’ve already seen the new 3 Series a ton since its debut just this morning. However, we can’t really get enough, as it is the 3 Series after all, the brand’s most important, best-selling car…

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BMW Line-up at the Paris Motor Show 2016

On October 1st, Paris will not only be the capital city of France, it will also become the world capital of the auto industry as the 2016 Paris Motor Show will open its doors. Set…

BMW X2 to offer sportier alternative to X1

Quite a large population of BMW fans are upset with the onset of the second-generation BMW X1. Its switch to the BMW Group’s front-wheel drive UKL architecture has caused some distress among the BMW faithful….