If there is one model that will shape the future of M cars is the all-new M2. The sporty coupe has taken the world by surprise by delivering a thrilling driving experience at a reasonable price. Most of the reviews we’ve seen have been praising the new “baby-M” and it’s already being regarded as the best in segment. All those accolades have of course translated into sales, with most markets around the world being already sold out.

But the M2 is not only the darling of BMW fans, it is also a tuners’ favorite. Over the last few months we have seen countless tuning projects with more to come. Today, we’re going to take a look at a new M2 project, this time a mild one.


This BMW M2 in Mineral Grey shows us a subtly refined copy of the compact sports coupe whose wheelhouses feature a modified suspension and larger wheels. The light-alloy wheels are designed and engineered by Vossen Wheels and for the VFS-1 Vossen model, it comes in 20 inches all around. Thanks to the KW V3 suspension kit, the car has been lowered delivering a better stance. For an optimal connection to the road, a set of Dunlop Sport Maxx tires – 245/30 ZR20 front and 275/30 ZR20 – has been installed.


If we dig a bit deeper, we can still discover some further modifications, all contributing to a coherent overall picture. In addition to the rear spoiler lip made of carbon, there is also a black foiling on the kidneys and blacked out side gills to match the Mineral Grey Metallic.


For more images on this M2 project, click below.

[Source: Bimmertoday]