Usually tuners launch their products via a small press release and a couple of photos. If the situation demands it, we could even see some audio or video files, usually showcasing the way the modified car sounds like but that’s about it. Well, you can forget all of that as Akrapovic just flipped the script and put together one of the best commercials we’ve seen in recent months. And it’s focused on the BMW M2.

The ad is brilliantly shot and features plenty of tire smoking action to make you wonder what is advertised here in fact: the car or its exhaust. Sure, the two can’t be separated but then again, this does give off the feeling that the Bimmer is in the limelight, not the exhaust. Fast paced and featuring close, dynamic shots, the 2-minute long video will definitely get more people to pay attention to what Akrapovic has in store for BMW M2 owners.


Speaking of which, we were among the first to break the news to you about their exhaust system, a while back. The Akrapovic exhaust system for the M2 is made entirely out of titanium, reducing weight and eliminating possible corrosion issues later down the line. Also, according to Akrapovic, their readings showed that when fitted with their exhaust system, the BMW M2 gains 9 HP and 7.2 Nm (5.3 lb-ft) of torque.

However, the added power and twist are actually the least interesting part of the whole thing. It’s the sound that most customers will be wanting and, fortunately for us, the video below includes plenty of madness-infused, high-revving parts where you can hear the N55 3-liter mill screaming out the top of its lungs. Yes, this is what the M2 should sound like.