The world definitely wasn’t ready to face the BMW M2 when it came out earlier this year. Brilliant reviews have been pouring in over the last few month, reiterating each and every time how great the new “baby-M” really is. The latest review comes from AutoGuide who calls latest creation from the M division both “a bargain” and “a car with personality.”

In the auto industry we don’t get beauty pageants with Miss Congeniality awards, but if there was such a thing, the M2 would be one of the strongest contenders. Apart from its stunning looks – inspiring and aggressive at the same time – the car brings a lot more to the table. The only problem is that you need to start driving it to see what’s what. And many would say that’s a good problem to have.


There are plenty of cars out there that are brilliant to drive but the one thing they all share is a high price tag. That’s not the case with the BMW M2. Starting at close to $52,000, the M2 with decent options can be had for about $55,000, a price point at which you’ll be hard pressed to find another premium car that would come close in terms of driving fun.


Therefore, the M2 turns out to be the best offering BMW has right now when you’re looking at the price/fun ratio. Sure, the M3/M4 duo is faster while the X5 M and X6 M models are absolute monsters, but if you just want to have fun without having to place another mortgage on your house, the M2 is the way to go. Without any complicated settings to choose from, but just a straight six engine and a fixed suspension setup, you’ll have a hard time finding a better sports car out there.