This weekend, at The Thermal Club in Palm Springs, the biennial MINI Takes the States rally reached its finish line, after about two weeks on the road. Covering 4,397 miles in the process, this year’s edition was once again done in collaboration with a charity partner, for a noble purpose. Together with Feeding America, the participants rose money and food to provide over 1 million meals for those in need.

Over 900 participants went all the way, and traveled with the convoy from its kick-off point in Atlanta, Georgia, all the way to Palm Springs. During the course of the trek, at times there were over 700 cars involved in the convoy, with up to 1,500 people traveling together. By the time the rally had come to a close at the Thermal Club, the group had raised enough money to provide more than one million meals to help people facing hunger though their fundraising efforts, easily topping the initial goal of 800,000 meals.


“The turnout for MTTS 2016 was incredible and we could not be more proud of the MINI community for everything they’ve done to help us support Feeding America,” said Tom Noble, Department Head, MINI Brand Communications. “Our owners not only gained the support of their friends and family at home but they also engaged with people in the local communities along the route. Because of their efforts we are able to help Feeding America to get healthy food to where it’s needed most.”

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To make things even clearer, here’s a look at MINI Takes the States solely by the numbers:

4,477: participants in MTTS 2016
4,397: miles from track to track
400: MINIs went all the way from Track to Track
67,500: city button badges distributed
17,542: bottles of water provided
1,280: gallons of coffee consumed
193: porta-potties employed
18: couples renewed wedding vows
6: mountain ranges driven
2: national parks visited
1: wedding in Las Vegas
1: marriage proposal
1,301,969: meals provided to families in need