The BMW X5 M is not only BMW’s most powerful SUV, but also a truck that often gets tuned by aftermarket companies. Take for example this F85 M5 from Southern California which went through a modding process at European Auto Source. Adding some high-quality aftermarket parts is a key ingredient of such an undertaking and this is the path that many X5 M owners have taken lately.

The first performance addition given to this X5 M was the Eisenmann Sports Exhaust System. The custom exhaust system is available in two variants. First, the Sports version, which adds an increase in performance and a better sound note, while still being civilized on the road. Second version, the Race exhaust system, well, it’s a bit different. It also adds more power and makes the car sound like a wounded beast, making the roar coming out of the quad exhaust pipes sound even meaner.

Matte Black BMW X5 M Gets Some Aftermarket Goodies Installed

The Eisenmann Exhaust System are made out of stainless steel with great German attention to detail. Both allow for an excellent sound and better airflow, giving the vehicle a performance increase, alongside with audible and visual upgrades. The Eisenmann exhaust system is combined with a full Dinantronics Stage 1 Performance Tuner that ensures all of the performance parts added are tied in perfectly to the engine’s power delivery.

As one of the top European manufacturers of high performance exhaust systems for a wide variety of platforms, Eisenmann offers a 2 year warranty with each system. Also available with the order of either system is 102mm tips or 90mm carbon fiber tips, styled like the M Performance exhaust carbon fiber tips. This is certainly the perfect finishing touch.

Matte Black BMW X5 M Gets Some Aftermarket Goodies Installed

This BMW X5 M also received some visual upgrades, starting with an IND Distribution set of aftermarket parts. These consist of the iND painted kidney grilles, iND painted side vents, iND painted trunk badge and a set of iND painted BMW roundels as well. You will also find an M Performance carbon fiber DCT shift knob and the M Performance carbon fiber mirror caps. The RKP carbon fiber inserts in the front bumper finish off the visual performance parts installed.

Matte Black BMW X5 M Gets Some Aftermarket Goodies Installed

The BMW X5 M we have here is also adorned with a full matte black wrap. While not the first choice for many, it does give it quite an aggressive and clean outlook. The entire list of parts, the wrap and the look of the vehicle make it a perfect performance SUV all-together.

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