The guys from Hamann Motorsport have yet to show us what they have in store for the BMW M2 performance wise. So far, the Germans have been quiet about the possibility of offering an engine tune but considering the popularity of the M2, we’re guessing Hamann will come through in no time. And we’re not talking only about a tune either. Expect a complete aerodynamic kit and an exhaust to go with it.

Until those are ready, the guys decided to give us a glimpse of how a BMW M2 would look like wearing their wheels. In this regard, the Germans published a mute video on Youtube of an Alpine White M car fitted with their Anniversary Evo wheels measuring no less than 20 inches in diameter.

And while they certainly look good on the Bimmer, they might be a bit too much if you’re not always driving on silky smooth roads. Of course, Hamann does hail from Germany, the land of Autobahns and perfect asphalt but even they must have a pot hole here and there.


If you just can’t wait for the complete kit to come out, your BMW M2 is just sitting in the driveway right now and you’re a big fan of Hamann, you can also order a couple of interior bits for your ride. The tuner only has two sets of pedal covers with their logo on offer right now for the M2 in either silver or black anodized aluminum. If you want even more Hamann goodies at the moment, you can also go for an LED door projector with their logo and some badges but that’s about it for now.

Considering what they came up with for the M3 and M4 models though, an engine tune that’s good for over 400 HP for the N55 mill under the hood of the M2 is to be expected. As I said, that will probably come with a new exhaust as well, for those wanting a bit more volume. I guess there’s nothing more left to do right now but wait and see what they come up with.