It seems like the Swiss like their M cars to wear Hamann kits coming from neighboring Germany. The latest car to be fitted with a host of Hamann goodies that reached us is this BMW M3 that was not only enhanced with various add-ons for the body but also where it matters most: under the hood. What we like the most here is that the owner went with a white on white finish that really makes the M3 stand out.

While black on black cars have nearly become a cult these days, they are also starting to get a bit boring, everyone going for this classy yet rather obvious choice. It’s refreshing to see a change of pace every once in a while and this M3 seems like the perfect antidote. That being said, the car received a new front spoiler lip, side skirts, rear diffuser insert and a boot lid spoiler, all of them made of carbon fiber.

Hamann BMW M3 DS 14 750x496

What most interesting is that (almost) all of them are also painted white, to match the car. The sole exception is the boot lid spoiler that was kept untouched. Then there are the blacked out kidney grilles up front that create a nice contrast along with the silver Hamann Anniversary Evo wheels that are absolutely spectacular in this combination.

Under the hood, the 3-liter biturbo straight six S55 engine received a drastic power increase as well. Even though it’s not using water injection as the M4 GTS does, the Hamann upgrade brings the power up to 530 HP and 700 Nm (516 lb-ft) of torque. That’s about 100 HP more than what the standard M3 has and it will definitely be felt on the road.