While everyone is talking about the BMW M2, and rightfully so, the Bavarians have been at work adding some new equipment and features to the M3 and M4’s list of standard equipment. For 2017, the BMW M3 and M4, both Coupe and Convertible, will be receiving new kit as standard, as well as some new optional features. There will also be some slightly new pricing to coincide with the added features.


For 2017, the BMW M3 will get Adaptive M Suspension and BMW’s latest 5.0 version of iDrive as standard equipment. The latter should be added to almost all new BMW models but the former is quite important as it’s been said to be a necessary option. The Executive Package, which is now included as standard equipment, will also now include wireless charging for capable mobile phones, a wireless hot spot and enhanced bluetooth.

As for new optional features, the 2017 BMW M3 will get Individual Extended Merino Leather with a  leather dashboard, as is Individual Metallic Paint. Pricing for the 2017 M3 will start at $64,995.

For 2017, the exact same features are also added to the BMW M4, both Coupe and Convertible, and pricing will reflect that. The 2017 M4 will start at $67,195 and the M4 Convertible will be $75,695. However, the Competition Package actually loses the Adaptive M Suspension, likely because it’s standard on M3 and M4.


Standard on all BMW M cars moving forward will also be the M Driver’s Package, which will include training at the BMW M Performance Center and a higher electronically-controlled top speed. The M Driver’s Package and Executive Package will not be available as stand alone options, as they will be standard on all M models, so they cannot be removed if the customer doesn’t want them.

These new added features are actually quite refreshing, as they’re the sort tor packages and options that should be standard on cars of that price. They also don’t bump the price up all that much, making it a far easier pill to swallow. The Adaptive M Suspension is thankfully now standard on both the M3 and M4, which is extremely helpful, as most enthusiasts feel that it’s the only suspension setup to go with and is a must-have option. So now the car is set up that way to begin with.


There are many that have complained about the pricing of the M3 and M4, mainly because they don’t come with many standard features that are standard on some entry-level Hyundais. This new pricing and equipment update for both cars should help quell those complaints.