BMW is reportedly recalling over 200,000 of its SUVs for two different reasons, both of which have yet to cause any harm. Of these 200,000 SUVs, 188,668 are BMW X3s and X4s, while 21,493 are X5s and X6s. The model years for all of the SUVs are from 2011 all the way up to current models.

The first recall, which is the more important one, has to do with the rear seat child seat anchors. Apparently, the European ISOFIX connectors can damage the anchor bars, which can cause the child seat anchors to fail. However, BMW has yet to report a single incident of this happening and the problem was found via the brand’s own quality-control. The recall is simply precautionary. As for the fix, dealerships will be welding a reinforcing bracket into the anchors.

2016 BMW X4 M40i Long Beach Blue drive 10 750x501
BMW X4 M40i

The second problem lies with the universal joint of the front driveshaft for xDrive models. BMW has found that it’s possible for water and debris can make their way into the U-Joint causing failure of the front driveshaft. Again, there have been no reported incidents of this happening and BMW’s quality-control brought this issue to light. The recall will have all front driveshafts replaced for any vehicle being recalled.

Both recalls will start in July and will be free of charge at any BMW dealer for any of the vehicles that fall under it. While no one with these vehicles is in danger, it’s still a good idea to get their SUVs to their BMW dealer as soon as the recall begins. No one wants to take a chance on either of these issues, especially one that effects child safety.

[Source: Autoblog]