Every year, the BMW CCA (Car Club of America) holds an annual raffle, which acts as a sort of fundraiser for the club so they can put on all of the great events that they do throughout the year. The BMW CCA holds numerous events and provides tons of media to its members and fans each year and has become the largest BMW club in the world.

Founded in 1969, the BMW CCA now has 67 nationwide chapters with more than 70,000 members. It’s safe to say that the BMW CCA is filled with some of the most passionate and loyal fans of the Bavarian brand.


Each year, they raffle off cars as prizes, making it well worth the $25 dollar ticket price. This year, the grand prize will be a brand-new BMW M4 GTS, which makes that $25 seem like an absolute steal. The first prize following that will be a BMW M2 with M Performance upgrades, making it just as tempting as the grand prize. And even the second place winner will go home with an M235i, so that’s one helluva day even for the “worst” winner.

Initially, the odds of winning are 1 in 5,000, which gives this raffle infinitely better odds than playing the lottery. And for every 5,000 tickets sold, the BMW CCA adds another car to the raffle. Last year, they raffled off nine cars.


Raffle ticket purchases will end on September 15 and the drawing will be held at an event in Georgia two weeks later. Anyone who purchases 10 raffle tickets will get the BMW CCA grille badge, which I’m sure you’ve seen on some classic BMWs.

Overall, this is a great way to get a chance to win a brand-new BMW M4 GTS, M2 or M235i for a really low entry cost and it’s a great way to support the biggest BMW club in the world.